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Examining Charlotte’s Growing Biogas Industry

Thursday, April 14 (8:30 am – 2:00 pm)

Blue Sphere Waste-to-Energy Facility

Blue Sphere Corporation’s anaerobic digestion facility in Charlotte, North Carolina brings a technology with widespread deployment across Europe to the United States. This 5.2 megawatt facility will process between 400-600 tons of food waste per day in three anaerobic digesters. The methane generated will be burned in three Caterpillar internal combustion engines to produce electric power. Attendees will receive a walking tour of the facility, a step-by-step explanation of this unique waste-to-energy process and the opportunity to ask Blue Sphere engineers questions about the facility and its construction.

McAlpine Creek Wastewater Management Facility

McAlpine Creek WWMF is one of the largest wastewater plants in the state of NC, with a permitted treatment capacity of 65 million gallons per day. Anaerobic digestion is already used to digest inbounds solids and the resulting methane is currently being flared. The facility is deploying a containerized internal combustion engine to utilize the energy within the methane. The project is intended to prove the feasibility for the deployment of more engines and greater power output. Tour attendees will tour the wastewater operation and the work being done to deliver methane to the power generating infrastructure.

Registration Deadline: Monday, March 28*
Cost: $150.00
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Important Information
  • *The registration deadline for the industry tour is March 28th to provide tour hosts time to perform the required background checks for registered tour participants
  • Both facilities require attendees to wear long pants and closed toed shoes.
  • No site photography is permitted.
  • All attendees must arrive at the facilities on the tour bus.

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